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To all of Sarah’s many many loved ones and friends

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  1. sarahtribute Says:

    In the past 24 hours Sarah Dodds, the Director of Unltd Ventures (part of the UK social investment firm), died as a result of a cycling accident—she had been travelling with friends in northern France. She had been in a coma for about a week but sadly, the recovery we had all been hoping for was not to be. We are all in shock at the suddenness of this loss—people possessing Sarah’s energy, vitality, good humour and youth are simply not supposed to leave us so soon—with so much left to do and so much she would have undoubtedly achieved. As a blogger on social business I find myself doing the only thing I can think of to reconcile myself to this grotesquely unfair act of fate—writing about the wonderful things this woman has done and would do. I write also so that her spirit shall live on, as she had all the qualities we treasure in outstanding social entrepreneurs; passion, energy, commitment, and good humour.

    Most people do their jobs in order to live their separate lives. For Sarah that would never suffice—she was always looking for a challenge into which she could throw herself completely. I recall a social business she was involved with called Slivers of Time. She so believed in this business that it was not enough to fund it—she also hauled in a number of experienced, senior professionals to advise the business as it navigated the early stages of development. Of course, being Sarah, all did so free of charge and with pleasure—such was her drawing power and her passion—one simply could not refuse.

    But let me not create the idea that she was some single-minded workaholic. Sarah pursued all her endeavours with incredible passion and her interests were broad. Unlike many high-flyers (which she most definitely was) she was able to “turn the volume down” and focus her extraordinary passion on some of life’s simple pleasures. At one dinner she had me mesmerized with a detailed drawing (which she produced on the spot) and discussion of a home she used for holidays on an island off the coast of Vancouver (Sarah grew up in Canada). Sarah’s passion transcended subjects.

    Her energy was breathtaking. In fact, taking breath is something she seemed hardly ever to do! At one meeting I sat down with her and for perhaps an hour she galloped through a circumstance which was troubling her with her characteristically inexhaustible energy—I was exhausted just listening!

    For commitment, few can rival Sarah. She seemed to never say no, always went that one step further to help a friend or colleague, and made the rest of us feel incredibly selfish by comparison. I will never forget how much I appreciated her joining me for a few days on my trip last summer to visit social entrepreneurs in the Balkans. Where at least ten others said they would come and visit, Sarah also said so—and true to form, she did. I will treasure those wonderful days and her exceptionally good company. And she behaved like a trooper, whereas I wilted in the Belgrade heat. She wore all with incredibly good humour.

    This good humour was perhaps her most outstanding feature. In an industry and sector where people take themselves terribly seriously—Sarah Dodds was a breath of fresh air. If you could follow her rapid-fire wit she would keep you in stitches. She was a master of the double entendre, and her irreverence and sarcasm made it clear that this was a person who had no place in her life for self-important windbags. But she also had the ability to laugh at herself as much as at others—the mark of her humility.

    On top of all these characteristics, Sarah was extremely competent. Her training in the professional services industry served her well and she had a very sharp eye for detail and flawed logic. I asked her once to sit through a presentation we were about to do as “dry run”. Although her pleasant smile softened the blow there was no doubt we had quite a bit more work ahead of us before something acceptable was achieved. She had cut right to all the core issues we were not addressing effectively—but because it was Sarah and delivered with such intelligence and warmth it did not feel humiliating—it felt like it was meant, as the helpful assistance of a frightfully clever and insightful but well-intentioned friend.

    For the sector, her loss is tragic. There is so much she was destined to accomplish and in recent months seemed well on her way to achieving—she had so much to give and gave so very much. I mourn a friend, colleague and a warm and compassionate human being—Sarah Dodds.

    Rodney Schwartz

  2. sarahtribute Says:

    I only got to know Sarah well in the last few months, but she truly was amazing. It’s not often that you know you’re in the presence of greatness. When around Sarah, there was no doubt.

    A first class brain, a wicked sense of humour and a wonderful woman. Sarah you will be truly missed.

    Henry Warren

  3. sarahtribute Says:

    Hugely sorry to read that news this morning. Have put up a brief post at SSE blog.

    We have also inserted the post from Nick Temple below (Editor):

    A sad way to start the week
    I was full of optimism coming to the office this morning: a beautiful sunny day, after a great, relaxing weekend, and a relatively light schedule this week to plough through work. So I came in early and trawled through the blogs, and ran across this post from Rod Schwartz:

    A Tribute to Sarah Dodds

    Apparently, Sarah, who was UnLtd Ventures Director until very recently (she was set to move on to pastures new), was involved in a cycle accident last week. Sadly she died this weekend. I didn’t know Sarah as well as Rod or some others, but she started work at UnLtd around the time I joined SSE, so our paths have crossed a lot over the past few years. As Rod details in his post, she was an exuberant, larger-than-life presence with a healthy irreverence; combined with a sharp brain, this led to plenty of interesting (and entertaining) conversations at events and conferences. It is always shocking to lose someone of a young age with so much ahead of them; so am a bit stunned by that this morning.

    SSE’s thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues.

    Our thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues.

    Nick Temple

  4. sarahtribute Says:

    Hello. My name is Darcia and I was a very very close friend of Sarah Dodds. I live in Vancouver, Canada and Sarah and I met almost 20 years ago in Vancouver. I came across your tribute on the internet and it was so lovely and touching and captured Sarah’s spirit perfectly. Thank you for that.

    It’s so hard to believe this tragic accident has occurred and for those of us in Vancouver it all seems so far away – it seems it can’t be true and that someone has made a horrible mistake. I am wondering if you have any details of the accident as I am finding it so difficult to come to terms with Sarah’s death without understanding what actually happened. The only information I have (through a quick phone call from Sarah’s sister to a mutual friend in Vancouver) is that she was in a cycling accident, which lead to a comma which lead to her death. I do not know who she was with, if it was a “cycling trip” or if she just went for a bike ride while vacationing, if she was hit by a car or was somehow flown from her bike. If you have any information that you can share with me it would be greatly appreciated.

    You mention the home Sarah used for holidays on an Island off of Vancouver….. Sarah absolutely loved her cabin on Valdez Island – we went together every summer when she came ‘home’. I have attached a few photos that I took of Sarah at her cabin on Valdez Island the summer before last below for you.

    I appreciate you writing the Tribute to Sarah and can relate to each and every word you write about her. I will miss her very deeply. If you do have any information on what exactly occurred in France, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you, from Sarah’s very dear friend,

  5. sarahtribute Says:

    Well said mate. Just before she went on her vacation I had been teasing her in emails about an event im creating and she wanted to come to. i was pulling her leg asking her to prove me to me she was inspirational enough.with typical great good humour and barbed wit she gave as always as good as she got.

    how sobering to open emails from her this morning she’d sent a while ago and know that the sender is dead too soon, too early. Jesus, what a loss.

    rest in peace Sarah.

    Liam x

  6. sarahtribute Says:

    I don’t think any of us have the words to convey this loss. I just came back from a walk with Jessica (another close friend of both Sarah and Rod’s) on hampstead heath (a wonderful park in London). We both could find the words for our memories, for logistics around the planned memorial and for day to day chat. But nothing came close to starting to describe the feelings associated with Sarah now.

    I’ve just had a very good chat with Clare McGregor, one of the people on the cycling holiday in France with Sarah. Last Friday afternoon (30th May) she came off her bike on a sharp, muddy, corner. Completely independently of Sarah, Clare also came off her bike on this corner and sustained some serious injuries including 25 stitches and black eyes. A local resident confirmed later that week with other holiday party members that five people they knew from the area had all come off on that corner in the last year. There were no cars or other vehicles or cyclists involved.

    Sarah was unconscious from the moment she landed on the road. As is the case with serious head injuries the hospital kept her unconscious from then on to reduce the risk of brain swelling and consequent damage. I understand that this past Friday Sarah’s heart failed and she passed away that afternoon or evening.

    Clare told me a little about the holiday. They were having a wonderful time. They had visited a local cathedral that morning and stopped for what sounded like a classically excellent French lunch. Clare has forwarded me a picture from that lunch which I attach (we will endeavour to post the photo–Editor). It’s a little blurred but Sarah is in the heart of the group and pulling one of her trademark physical expressions – chin thoughtfully in hand… During the ride after lunch and before the accident they were all in great spirits, laughing and joking together and appreciating what, until that point, sounded like an absolutely fantastic holiday.

    News of the events has only just crystallized, thanks to Clare’s call, for me. And I appreciate the opportunity of writing to you to lay what I know out in a coherent manner.

    There will be a memorial for Sarah in London on Saturday. Details are still being confirmed. Do let me know if you’d like me to forward them on to you. I have also been in touch with her Vancouver based friend Kaya Wiggens, who, if you don’t know, I can put you in touch with.

    I hope this email helps you make sense of these events. Talking to Clare, and writing this email, have helped me.

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to chat more.

    Yours in sadness,

    Ben Metz

  7. sarahtribute Says:

    Sarah Dodds,i will miss you.
    Though we only knew each other just for few months last year,all those days were just wonderful.
    Your presence and participating ay Jaimini’s wedding was the last time we saw each other.
    Will miss you and may you be at a fabolous place,with the Lord.
    Rest in Peace.

  8. sarahtribute Says:

    We are going to miss Sarah Dodds. She was so full of life. Two years ago after years apart we met Sarah again in London. She took the time to show Nan & I the sights.She had this dry sense of humour that she got from her dad (my dear friend Brian). She was witty and full of charm. She had so many plans and was going to do so much more to help humanity. She has done much more in her short life to help humanity than most people will do in a lifetime. Nan & I will miss you Sarah.

    Anwar and Nan Deen

  9. sarahtribute Says:

    I worked with Sarah many years ago when at Andersen Consulting. She was one of the few people I could turn to at networking and social events and be sure of a wry, witty and honest conversation; enough to make you feel like you actually belonged there. She was so friendly and such fun – I am stunned at the loss, what a tragedy. JM

    Jamie Moore

  10. sarahtribute Says:

    I’m another newish friend of Sarah’s — we were introduced by my friend Gillian in December who said something like — The two of you need to talk! We discovered many interests and friends in common and I’m absolutely gutted that she’s not here to explore all. Her friend Steve MacKenzie and another friend are coming from British Columbia and are dossing with me. I’ve offered to network around to make sure other friends coming for Saturday’s service from afar have a place to stay — the west coast of Canada is very far away. If you have some space or more importantly, need a place to stay in very expensive London, Please give me a call — 07825 386693, or email

    Lydia Kan

  11. sarahtribute Says:

    I met Rachel through her sister Rachel who is a very good friend. Sarah was a beautiful, strong intelligent woman with a sense of humour that was amazed me. We went on holiday to Kenya together and visited hells gate in Naivasha and had a trully amazing time. I still have those memories. I mourn the loss of a friend and my thoughts are with the family, especially Rachel who has lost a loving sister. I was priviledged to have known and shared some great moments in Africa with you.

    Jacquie Muhati

  12. sarahtribute Says:

    My name is Cathy Clay (formerly Lyle) and I have been great friends with Sarah since Grade 9. She is one of my oldest friends. I live in Calgary, Canada and it is very hard being over here and so far away from everything happening in the UK.

    I wanted to thank Rodney for his amazing tribute. I forwarded this link to many of Sarah’s old friends in Calgary and it means so much to hear of her recent endeavours from those who know her now.

    I agree with Darcia about this loss being very hard to understand being so far away. The post about the accident was also very comforting to read. I am thankful that Sarah was doing something she loved and with good friends when she passed away.

    Sarah has always been a compassionate and supportive friend. I feel that I have lost one of those rare friends that would do anything for you if you ever needed it. We had so much fun together over the years and she was always up for anything. I have been very busy raising three small children for the last 7 years and I regret that I didn’t get to see more of her life in London. I would love to meet some of her close friends, see her flat and just get a sense of her everyday life in England.

    Sarah’s reach went around the globe and there are so many people saddened by her loss. I will miss you dearly old friend.

    Cathy Clay, Calgary

  13. sarahtribute Says:

    Thank you all for sharing on this blog. My name is Tasha Komery and I am an old friend of Sarah’s. I live in Calgary and met her when we were just kids. Despite the fact that she has not lived in Calgary since High School, we have kept in touch and remained very close friends. You have all spoken such beautiful words about our dear friend and I want to thank you all for that. I know how wonderful she was, but it’s wonderful to hear how she touched so many others.

    Like Darcia said about Vancouver, we here in Calgary are so far away that it is hard to grasp the reality of it all. To gain some closure and celebrate her life, we will be holding a memorial here for her on Thursday, June 19th, for anyone who wants to attend. Since Sarah always enjoyed a good party and would frown if we got too formal about it, we are holding it upstairs at the Rose and Crown pub, from 7 – 9 pm, for anyone that wants to attend.

    It’s been raining in Calgary non stop. I can only assume that the sky is weeping for such a loss. Sarah, we miss you and will never forget you.

    Tasha Komery

  14. sarahtribute Says:

    When I got Rachel’s text yesterday just coming back from France myself, I couldn’t quite believe it. Discovering all your comments today is putting all this in the perspective of this terrible sad reality.
    I met Sarah on my arrival in London, in May last year during a Third Sector conference on leadership where she amazed me with her sharp, snappy and humoristic comments on conventions and conservatism in this sector I was only discovering. We then shared dinners, meetings on social entrepreneurship topics, enjoying good wine, singing sometimes…always ending up laughing.
    I was so looking forward to seeing her again, coming back from an amazing social venture or a great trip around the world and be inspired once more by her faith in life and unbelievable energy.
    Thinking about her family, about all of you, her friends, makes me feel closer to you Sarah.
    You are in my prayers.
    Like Lydia Kan kindly suggested please feel free to contact me for a place to stay not far from the memorial on saturday: Diego: 00447894570993-

    Diego Guidi

  15. sarahtribute Says:

    I worked with Sarah at Andersen Consulting and although we have both long since left we always kept in touch with the odd lunch and exchange of cards and emails. Sarah was at our engagement party which is the last time we saw one another and on hearing this news I looked back at the photographs. They reflect everything that you are saying – fun, laughter and beauty. This is a tragic loss and Sarah will be truly missed. I sadly won’t be able to attend the memorial service as I am living abroad at the moment but my thoughts and prayers will be with you all as you celebrate a special life, albeit one cut far too short.

    Claire Eeles

  16. sarahtribute Says:

    A number of Sarah’s friends from business school who are based in London have spare rooms for those coming to the memorial so please get in touch if you require a place to stay. My mobile is +447747621408 or email me on

    I can’t express the sadness we all feel, all I know is that Sarah will be remembered with great affection and respect for what she was trying to do. It’a terrible loss.

    Jay Patel

  17. sarahtribute Says:

    I’m sitting at my desk literally shaking as this news sinks in. We had only recently spent a long time talking about the West Coat of Canada (I grew-up in Vancouver), about making the most of the time we’ve got and her moving-on to the next thing. A chapter that will now never been written.

    Thanks for the photographs, Darcia.

    Andrew Robinson

  18. Suzy Cornwell Ball Says:

    I met sarah when i worked for UnLtd.

    Her energy, enthusiasm and FUN shone through – and I will always remember her with a big smile on my face.

    She was a wonderful woman.

    My thoughts go to her friends and family.

    Love suzy

  19. Ciara Brennan Says:

    I am finding it difficult to write any words as I still feel so sad about what has happened. Sarah was a beautiful person both inside and out. She has inspired me in so many ways and I will never forget her. I have had the great pleasure of working with Sarah at UnLtd. I have always looked up to her and wished I was more like her. I spent time with her on the India Learning journey a few years back. We had a wonderful time. She was always great to be around, her wit and chat was brilliant and we shared many laughs together.

    Last time I saw her was last November. She came over to Belfast for interviews that we were having and she broughht me a beautiful bunch of flowers. She said that was for all my hard work. I thought that it was just so nice of her especially seeing as I had not done any work for her, neither was she my line manager. I think this just decsiribes the person that she was – thoughtful, kind, generous and lovely.

    I will never forget her.


  20. Wendy Krowicki Says:

    I’ve Known Sarah for 14 years. I’m from London, UK and moved to Calgary in 1994, where I met Sarah through mutual friends. I stayed with Sarah a couple of times in Vancouver while we were taking some Landmark courses together. Then when my family and I moved to England for a couple of years Sarah was very instumental in helping my husband find a job. I have many fond memories of Sarah, but the one I love the most is when she used to visit us in Calgary and we would sit and catch up over a cup of tea and an English crumpet, dripping in butter and Lyles Golden syrup!

    Sarah was the most well travelled, inspirational, mile a minute person I’ve ever come across in my 43 years. I think she acomplished way more than most people ever dream about.

    Now she’s in heaven with her mum and I wish her peace.


  21. Audrey Says:

    I want to express my sorrow at the loss of one of our dear friends, Sarah Dodds. There are no words to sum up how awful this is, or how much she will be missed, or what an incredible, dynamic woman she was. I can only think of the time I was so lucky to have spent in her company.
    She invited me along with a couple of friends to her home probably about a year ago for the first time, and then a handful of times since then. We’d only met at a couple of work events – but she included me nevertheless, I was so touched by that. I remember being at the UnLtd launch event at the House of Lords, I was hanging around feeling so lost – and there she was with her glorious, smiling face and a glass of wine, instantly putting everything right and introducing everyone left, right and center. I remember being so amazed by her wit and humor, by her warmth, by the great feeling of being in the lovely space of her home, and by thinking “aha! another North American sister in London!” I remember my amazement at some of the beautiful things she’d sculpted. I remember her presence at the conference in Oxford the month before last so vividly; ray of sunshine. She was ‘shootin’ the shit’ with my boss in a way that no one else could, we were laughing about that later. And how many times did I keep meaning to return the gesture- we were going to get the same friends together for the next round of dinner. Can’t imagine how it will feel without her there. Even for those of us who only knew her over the past year or so, I think it was pretty clear: she was something special – kind, smart, beautiful and funny as hell. She will be missed.

  22. Jessica Shortall Says:

    So far I have had a really hard time expressing my feelings about Sarah, and about all of this, and don’t imagine I will begin to do her justice now. Sarah and I met about a year ago, introduced by a mutual friend and spent our first outing together at my local wine bar. I just fell in love with this amazing woman instantly – so much so that I emailed her the next day to tell her that I felt I’d known her for ages. Over the year I’ve known her and had the privilege to begin to call her a close friend, Sarah gently walked me through some tough times, made me laugh endlessly with her famous wit, helped me see things for what they were when I was feeling muddled, reminded me to enjoy life, and was as warm and funny and easy and present a friend as a person could ask for. We spent many days and nights in the company of friends, Sarah spilling out stories and ideas and those hilarious barbs at a mile a minute, and us just trying to keep up with her wit and intellect. I couldn’t believe my great fortune at having met someone who, I told my husband recently, I was sure would be a friend for life.

    Do you know any other grown person who would hula hoop in the park for exercise and fun? Anyone else who would buy a convertible car in rainy old England, and then announce at every opportunity that it was a ridiculous purchase but made her happy beyond belief? Anyone else so naturally and stunningly beautiful, but who always made you feel like you were the beautiful one? And yes, I know other people who don’t suffer fools and don’t take shit when they know what they want and they know what’s right, but Sarah had her own Sarah Dodds way of doing those things that made them cooler, smarter, funnier, and inspirational.

    She was one of those too-rare women who fill a room without making you feel small; who instead of intimidating, make you more courageous and more bold with their courage and boldness; and who fill you with the belief in people’s potential and in the need to get started RIGHT NOW on making things better in the world.

    What a one of a kind person we have all been blessed to know. My heart aches to not have Sarah in my daily life, but of course she is and will be because her mark on me is indelible. I miss you so much, honey. I hope I can do you proud and hope you know how deeply and widely you are loved.

  23. Caroline Fiennes Says:

    I met Sarah professionally through UnLtd, but latterly got to know her socially too.

    Sarah, I will remember you as a person of tremendous energy, drive, commitment, vision… A person who not only dreamt up great things, but also got them done. And not any old things, but things which would use your substantial skills and expertise to benefit other people – often people who you yourself would never meet. I found that really inspiring.

    And you were such a helpful person to know too! Such a GREAT networker. I will really miss that – you always knew who was doing what, and were connecting people together.

    Such a shame. You will be badly missed.

  24. Ellie Stoneley Says:

    Sarah was someone who – sadly – I have got to know more through these wonderful tributes. However the little of her I did get to know was inspiring – someone with so much energy, such a sense of purpose and life, a woman possessed with joy and fun – and that rubbed off on the people around her.

    Sarah you gave me confidence and I know you gave that and your support (where it was deserved) to so many of my friends, and so many other colleagues – because of you there are more successful social entrepreneurs and the ripple effect of your talents, insights and skills will carry on long after this tragic accident.

    Thank you for for your sparkle Sarah Dodds

  25. Campbell Vertesi Says:

    I cannot say that I knew Sarah as well as so many here, though she has been a presence in my family since I was too young to remember. My mother and my sister both had very strong connections to Sarah, but I will allow them to share their own thoughts in their own way.

    The way Sarah Dodds lived her life was an incredible lesson to me – and though we were never close enough for me to tell her this, her example shaped the course of my life.

    To me, Sarah was a woman who had the courage to be motivated by her own happiness: she overcame incredible obstacles to do what made her happy. I will never forget when she decided to move to London, leaving everything she knew behind her in Canada. She did it because that’s what she’d always wanted to do; she did it to be happy. I remember her incredible drive to service: she was capable of any job in the world, at any salary; but she chose to devote her energies to people. She did it because that’s what she wanted to do; she did it to be happy.

    When I was 21, I left my life in Canada to pursue music. I did it because that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I did it to be happy.

    I still think of Sarah every time I worry about the next frightening or challenging step in my life – the next city to move to, the next country to work in. I think about the woman who had the courage to do what made her happy, no matter the cost or the difficulty.

    It is tragic to think of Sarah’s life cut so senselessly short. But no one can say that she wasted her time. Sarah was a woman who did what she wanted to do with her life, and she was happy.

  26. Samantha Beinhacker Says:

    The news has hit us hard. As the photographs and the outpouring of love and affection show us, the loss of Sarah is enormous.

    I have no words to say what I feel. Just a huge gap in my heart, and an ache for all Sarah touched, all Sarah loved, all Sarah cherished.

    x rest in peace x

  27. Peter Tyson Says:

    I met Sarah too little too late,but as others have (rather beautifully ) observed, 2 hours of Sarah meant you felt you had a friend for life – the sort of friend we all want – fun, loving, witty, intelligent, penetratingly observant.

    I was looking forward to seeing her again rather like,as a child, a treat in store which was going to be very special – ( I can hear a snort of derision).

    And the last memory I have is of her climbing into her gear outside Smiths and getting onto that bloody bike…..

    Vaya con dios , Sarah y abrazos fuertes

    Peter Tyson

  28. Parminder Singh Jutla Says:

    Gone but not forgotten
    You shall live in our hearts and minds
    Your laughter in our ears
    Your smile in our eyes
    Your kindness in our hearts
    Your courage in our actions
    Gone but not forgotten


  29. Diana Wais Says:

    Sarah I will miss you so much you have not idea!

    I met you about a year ago after several people repeatedly said: you two have to meet! And by the time we met, you seemed already like an old friend. We clicked instantly so much that the second time we met we already planned a summer holiday together. And last summer we went for a week to the beach in Spain together…and had so much fun. You were always up for having a good time, and we became partner’s in crime.

    We also shared a passion for improving the lives of others. We kept plotting big projects and your vision and brilliance and enthusiasm and leadership were just so inspiring, and together with you great things seemed possible.

    I also knew you when you were down and struggling. But you always found a way to turn your own suffering and fear into compassion and drive towards serving others…if only there were more people in the world like you, IMAGINE what the world would be like.

    I am sitting here crying, I will miss you so much. I am having you, your father and your sister in my heart and mind. I never met them, but I know how dear they were to you, and I can only imagine their grief.

    Fare well, and I know you are now in a beautiful place, for you have done so much in this life time.

  30. Beth Connell Says:

    Dear Brian, Rachel and Adrian:

    I first met Sarah in 1993/94 at the Barrington Group in Vancouver. We became close friends immediately and remained that way. While she left the rest of us in the office reeling with her ideas and efficiency, she and I always managed to find something ridiculously funny, on a daily basis. It was not too long before she needed a bigger pond and started the process of her application to INSEAD… I think we all know of the exciting path this led to.

    The eloquent tribute from Rodney Schwartz certainly caught the essence of Saran and I do hope you were able to take some comfort in hearing how much she was appreciated on the London business scene as well as a woman. It meant a good deal to read of this here in Vancouver.

    Need I say how shocked I was to receive your email Rachel, but I thank you for finding me. It was so hard to realize it could be true from so far away, especially since were were currently making plans for when she came to Vancouver in August. I was not alone left with this bewilderment so I would like to send a big thank you to Ben Metz who replied promptly to Darcia’s letter and also to Darcia who diligently followed up, found me in Saran’s Vancouver phone book and passed the information on to me. To know the details and also to know her family were with her, helped me a lot.

    It is a tribute to Sarah, but not a surprise to hear that so many of her friends from western Canada will make the journey to London to attend the memorial service. I am only sorry that I cannot be there,my thoughts certainly will be with you.

    Sarah is already sorely missed. My family and friends who met her knew how much I loved her and always asked “where is Sarah, and what is she doing now”? She touched the hearts of so many people and she truly lived every day to the fullest. She was determined to make a difference in this world and she certainly did that.

    My heart goes out to all of you and I send my deepest sympathy at this very difficult time.

    With much love,
    Beth Connell and family, Denise, Gillian and Roy
    West Vancouver B.C.

  31. Tracey Poffenroth Says:

    Sarah, Rachel and Adrian grew up blocks from me and my siblings in Calgary, Alberta. Although I didn’t know Sarah as a friend, she stands out as someone I remember in my childhood memories…smiling, moving quickly and her reddish hair flowing. I just wanted to pass on my deepest sympathy to the Dodds family and all of Sarah’s friends and everyone she seemed to endear and touch. My heart goes out to you all.

  32. Pieter Oostlander Says:

    Sarah Dodds, we will miss you!
    We know eachother since I entered the arena of venture philanthropy, where you were already vigorously active. I was totally shocked to hear the news about your death. Still so much to explore and to do. You leave a big gap behind, we will badly miss you.

  33. Jaimini Lakhani Says:

    Sarah and I met during our Accenture days. We both eventually left and managed to stay in touch catching up every so often for coffees in Maida Vale, breakfast in Lancaster Gate or just a girls evening out in Notting Hill.

    On a couple of occassions Sarah and I took advantage of the rare british summer day and cruised around in my little convertible which Sarah bought from me last summer. I always thought it suited her personality and it made me smile to read from another friend that she took the convertible to Wales recently blasting bollywood tunes.

    Sarah attended my wedding last May. Everyone kept asking me who that tall, blonde, gorgeous girl is who can put on her own sari and even speak hindi. She also gave us indians quite a run for our money on the dance floor.

    You are sadly missed Doddsy. I am thankful for the friendship we shared. My thoughts and prayers are with Rachel and your father whom you spoke of often and lovingly.


  34. Cliff Prior Says:

    Sarah Dodds at UnLtd

    Driven, but with a profound sense of purpose. Flying so high on a fearsome intellect, she was the one who chatted to the cleaners every day. Here was a woman of great beauty and charm, who could take apart a business and set out a plan without breaking her smile. A combination of toughness with compassion and a gentle touch, Sarah made things happen, and happen well.

    Yes, we argued, often out of respect. A self acknowledged perfectionist, she was not always comfortable in a team but she was most certainly worth it. If she was frustrated by the time it took for her creations at UnLtd to be realised, it was because she cleared the ground to build them on rock. That means they will endure.

    There is a big space to fill. An empty desk with a bowl of flowers and a photograph, hurt hearts and tasks to complete. Let her work flower and fill the gap.

    Some facts. Sarah was Director of UnLtd Ventures from 2006 to 2008. UnLtd Ventures works as part of the UnLtd: The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, to help those with high potential to take their organisations to transformative scale. She cleared the decks, refocused the vision, improved the quality, introduced the Level 3 scheme to UnLtd’s portfolio, reviewed the outcomes of our Level 2 programme and tightened the process, designed a first-in-sector investment readiness programme, and negotiated the deal to bring it to life. She also completed a major study of how social entrepreneurs can replicate and scale their work, and appointed a pro bono and support coordinator to ensure our entrepreneurs are able to access the right skills, from the right people at the right time. She transformed our Ventures work and earned deep respect across the sector. Sarah’s work with individual social entrepreneurs was valued hugely, and the hands-on consultancy support to help them succeed and thrive was always her number one priority. She was a tough cookie who won hearts and made close friends. She will be much missed, but her legacy is real and it will thrive

    Cliff Prior

  35. Calgary Herald Says:

    Inspirational Calgarian had ‘passion for life’; Bicycle crash claims social crusader
    Calgary Herald Saturday, June 14, 2008 Page: A11 Section: News Byline: Gwendolyn Richards Source: Calgary Herald

    A woman who lived in a chicken coop while volunteering in Pakistan, but also felt comfortable rubbing elbows with European royalty at banquets in Versailles, is being mourned by friends around the world after a cycling accident claimed her life. Sarah Dodds died June 6 – several days after the former Calgarian crashed while on a cycling trip in northern France. On a website created in her memory, friends and former colleagues have posted memories of the 37-year-old, described by many as being full of energy and life, as well as a champion of social and environmental causes. A potter who also made her own jewelry, a yoga practitioner, a woman who spoke three languages and held an MBA from an international school in France, Dodds was also known for her sense of humour and generous spirit, said friend Tasha Komery. Komery first met Dodds when they both went to Elboya Junior High and the friendship continued through high school and beyond, even after Dodds moved away for university and a career overseas. Dodds had a passion for travel, but always kept in touch with friends back home. “I didn’t always know where she was, but I’d always receive some random postcard from Africa, Pakistan, India, somewhere,” Komery said.

    In Pakistan, where Dodds volunteered to help in the community, she lived in a square room with a dirt floor and small cut-out windows that had previously been a chicken coop, said Komery. “It sounded so romantic, yet I know it was tough. But Sarah would never complain. She only wanted to help however she could.”

    In London, Dodds had been working in the field of social entrepreneurship – an area that takes business approaches to help social and environmental causes. Friend Ben Metz said it was a good fit for Dodds, who had received an MBA from Insead – a business school located near Paris – but who was very committed to social development. She could “supercharge” people she worked with using her inspiration and expertise, Metz said. “Again and again, she’d put the person she was working with or the friend she had way, way in front of what she was doing,” he said. The last time Metz saw Dodds, they were supposed to go for a quiet dinner and a movie. They ended up staying out until the wee hours of the morning, dancing at a salsa bar – a bumbling pair amongst all the expert dancers. “At the end of the day, the thing she had was just a screamingly large passion for life that came out in everything,” Metz said.

    Friends of Dodds plan to meet Thursday night between 7 and 9 p.m. at the Rose and Crown in her memory.

  36. Catherine Vertesi Says:

    I have known Sarah since she was in business school in Vancouver. She spent quite some time with me and became my grader for a year before leaving on a study abroad semester in Belgium. That year, I met with my study abroad students in Paris – Sarah was one – others of you who will read this were there too. She always reminded me that I encouraged the stuffing of pockets with the leftover bread, sausage and cheese as we left the restaurant. I have always loved my job and my students but every so often, a student takes on a more significant role in my life. Sarah was one of those.
    She returned from a couple of years post graduation work in Calgary and called me. We found her some work my new department at UBC and she immediately charmed everybody. We kept her busy as long as we could for the sheer joy of having her around and because, even then, in her early 20’s – she got things done!

    Over time Sarah visited with my family more and more, even showing up on our doorstep at 5:30 am to help our daughter Janet get her courses during one of the first years of telephone registration at UBC. I wrote Sarah a reference for INSEAD and kept in close contact over that time. Then, when Sarah landed in London, it was my turn to visit her – at least once a year for every year she had her flat – sometimes with Les, my husband, and then with each of my children. Janet, our oldest visited alone – especially when she was at Cambridge as a student. Sarah was a big sister and the most extraordinary role model. Her boldness, courage, humour, independence, even her cheekiness, were touchstones for all of our now grown up children.

    The relationship between Sarah and I grew from one of mentor- mentee, to one of equals – true friends. Because my work took me to London so regularly, I spent endless hours staying in that spare bedroom, sipping cups of tea and glasses of wine talking until the wee morning hours – about life, love, family, careers, the particular beauty of the Canadian west coast. We both shared confidences, struggles and triumphs. I was so happy to get to know Rachel as well. As everyone has stated, Sarah was an extraordinary human being – lost far too soon. She was also complicated, and challenging. But for me, above all, Sarah was vibrant and engaging!

    I have added some photos here. Sarah and I went several ties to the restaurant in the park near Kensington Palace. Last September it was particularly warm and sunny. She was at her most beautiful!

    Sarah was to join our family vacation in Italy in the up-coming summer. (I learned that technique from Brian Dodds, who for years set holidays in amazing locations so his adult children would join him. Thanks Brian.) I am so sorry that I could not travel to London this time because I have been ill. In our family we have all shed many tears over the last week as we think of how much we will miss that British/Canadian accent, those stories accompanied by much flinging of arms and tossing of hair, and that mobile comedic face. We all wanted more time!

    We send our deepest sympathy.

  37. Konrad Mech Says:

    I interviewed Sarah as part of her application to INSEAD in 1996. When I saw the death notice in the National Post this past Friday, and although any such death is a tragedy, I was hoping that it wasn’t the Sarah Dodds I knew. This tribute page informed me of the very unfortunate situation.

    While many people drift through life, Sarah was purpose-driven which is why I gave her such a strong recommendation. This is indeed society’s loss as well as her family’s and friends. Extend my sympathies to Sarah’s parents, friends, and co-workers.

    I commend UnLtd for setting up this tribute page.

    Konrad Mech MBA 89D.

  38. Richard Alderson Says:

    Dear Sarah,

    You were my manager, my mentor, my coach, my supporter, my friend and my inspiration.

    Your spirit shone through in everything you did.

    Your radiance lit up my life and the lives of so many people around you.

    You were always there when I needed advice, yet never believed just how valuable your words of wisdom could be.

    You were full of heart, as willing to display your vulnerability as your strength and energy.

    More than anything, you made me – and everyone around you – think bigger and bolder than we’d ever dared.

    In being who you were, you left an indelible imprint on our hearts – one that, as only the greatest teachers can do, will forever inspire us to fulfil our highest potential.

    With enormous love, sadness and gratitude,


  39. Rebecca Poitras Says:

    On June 10, 2005, Sarah Dodds became my step-sister when my mother married her father, Brian. Although I only met her a handful of times, my family and I are feeling her loss acutely. There are no words to adequately express how we feel at the loss of such a brilliant, beautiful life far, far too soon. Our thoughts go out to all her family and friends during this unimaginable time.

    Sleep peacefully, Sarah. We will think of you often.

    Lots of love,
    Rebecca, Robin, Raina, & Riel Poitras

  40. Vincent Says:

    I hope in your memory that I have the courage to live up to what you inspired me to try to be.

  41. Laura Lawson Says:


    You encouraged me to go for my dreams, and to build them well. You were an inspiration, and someone who I want to be when I grow up.

    You will be missed by many people all over the world.


  42. Gideon Lyons Says:

    Sarah was my boss at UnLtd Ventures from 2006-7. Some of us charity types got a bit of a shock when this fast-talking, power-dressing, city-girl arrived. Our first meetings together were quite frustrating – she would talk so fast while scribbling flow diagrams, graphs and matrices on a tiny scrap of paper. However, we began to understand each other; I learnt that some of this management-speak was actually useful; she learnt not to talk to me until I had coffee.

    I have many lovely memories of Sarah; sitting at her desk putting on her ‘lippy’ before a date; playing frisbee in Hyde Park after a team away-day (she was good); sitting in the pub having a good rant about something or other; going for coffee (she lived on herbal tea) and listening to the story of her previous nights’ date (!).

    But I will most fondly remember the lunches we had on her birthday (hers was the day before mine). She treated me to a posh meal, and we would spend a couple of hours chatting away. I felt really lucky to spend those short periods with her, when her guard was down and a softer, more gentle Sarah would tell me about her family and friends and the holiday home she couldn’t wait to get back to.

    I will really miss you Sarah – thank you for everything xx

  43. belle Says:

    This Saturday 21st – Day Yoga Workshop FUNDRAISER in Memory of beautiful spirited yogini, Sarah Dodds

    Last Christmas and New Year, Sarah joined a yoga holiday I organized in the Gambia.

    When I heard of the news, my first thought was of Sarah, first day landed in Gambia, taking herself for a walk along the deserted beach… and returning some 2 or 3 hours later! She was an independent lady for sure, fiery and confident – I also remember her announcing that same first day that she was planning to go off for the second week, traveling around Senegal and seemingly take in the whole of Africa in 2 weeks! – ‘Fearless and great appetite for life’ comes to my mind. At the end of the two lovely weeks, all together in our small, joyful group, Sarah told me that she’d never gone on anything so ‘organized’ and had been apprehensive – this is what she wrote in our Guest book : “Dear Oli, Ancelle, Gabbie and Belle, thank you for a truly fantastic holiday. I have not felt so looked after and spoiled for a long time ! What a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful place to have the joy to find.”

    This was mainly due to the lovely crew of very mixed characters coming together & we were honoured that she’d felt she could relax into the vibe we strove to create at Gecko Lodge and let herself be looked after. We enjoyed a ‘yoga family’ Christmas and New Year (board games included!). I was very touched by her care of her room mate, Hetal, on our 3/ 4hour beach walk, going on ahead with her when she were unsure of keeping up – they both ended up beating us to the sun-loungers! I suspect those who know her would say, ‘true to form!’

    A Nichiren Buddhist Lecture I heard last summer regarding death, spoke about how the death of someone near us is a GIFT – something which is not always easy to accept but the sense of this was that it can deeply remind those of us still on this planet, of the GREAT GIFT OF LIFE we have and to really appreciate every moment of it, be it up, down, ecstatic, challenging, deeply sorrowful, joyful etc – to savour it, to give it our all, on a daily basis. In the short time I new Sarah, for me the message is clear, ‘GO FOR IT !’, honestly and with the roar of a lioness – (I just need to think of her auburn mane!)

    This Saturday 21st, I am teaching a day YOGA workshop and am making it a FUNDRAISER in memory of Sarah – for the Children Hospital Charity in the Gambia . She had a lovely rapport with Gambian children, so feel she would approve. Amongst her many talents I see from your messages, Sarah had also completed a yoga teacher training course.

    If anyone is interested in joining in Celebrating Sarah’s life this way – email me on and I’ll forward information or go to
    Location is: – Near Elephant & Castle, London

    Much love to Sarah’s family and friends


  44. Janet Says:

    How can it be that we will never see Sarah Dodds again? It doesn’t feel real or right. That kind of power and passion can’t just be so fragile that it is extinguished in an instant. From here it feels impossible and untrue, but I know the next time I am in London I will have to face the crushing realization that I can’t just call her up, crash on her floor, meet her for dinner, hear her radiant laughter and exuberant stories, and soak in the positive energy that she exuded. The thought alone is devastating.

    Sarah, you continue to be an inspiration to me. In my life I am grateful to have had you as a role model and as a friend. Thank you for always being so generous, thoughtful, engaging, trustworthy, enthusiastic, confident, funny, and empowered — in such a way that we all felt that way around you too and felt that anything was possible if we just made it happen. You will be so, so deeply missed, but I will endeavour to live up to what you gave me and what you showed me was possible, not the least because it’s a way to have you still with us. And I think we could all use a little more Sarah Dodds in our actions, in our passions and in our lives.

  45. Ms Regina Saphier Says:

    I got interested in an Open University PhD research position and I started to explore UnLtd: The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs (the partner organization) when I saw the shocking news about Sarah’s death (she was the director of UnLtd Ventures, a division of UnLtd).

    Sarah (37) was a complete stranger to me until I started reading her friends’ messages and browsed the photos about her. I never read obituaries and I have never been to a funeral. In Sarah’s case I had the surprising feeling as if I knew this person, and as if I lost a friend to be, and could not stop reading about her. While looking at her pictures and reading the notes she looked and felt very much like my American friend Fiona and I combined. It was very emotional to see this familiar, wonderful, bright, and good person, and know, that she is suddenly no longer … I felt that the universe, the possible dimension was gone for ever where Sarah could have been chatting with me in a tea house about how to develop this research project at the OU. It felt like a future of mine died with her. She had a bike accident in the north of France…? Simply fell of the bicycle, and after a week in coma, her heart failed…? She probably wasn’t wearing a helmet… I assumed… I don’t know. She was practicing yoga and spoke Hindi…; she lived on herbal tea…, and traveled the world after growing up in Calgary, Canada… She was supposed to live! She was a healthy, energetic, young woman. How could this happen? How unjust! I kept reading: she loved her cabin close to Vancouver, Canada… and worked in London, UK at UnLtd…, after getting an INSEAD MBA in France… She was a free spirit, a lively person, with huge sense of humor, and she was able to balance her need for alone time and her keen interest in people… I learned so much while reading about her. She was so powerful that even after her death she was able to inspire and teach me.

    Thank you for sharing your stories about this outstanding human spirit!

    With kind regards, a touched soul: Regina Saphier, a civic advocate for returning, highly educated Hungarian migrants and a social entrepreneur (in progress)

  46. Lucy Moxon Says:

    I knew Sarah for a very short time but my memory of her will be everlasting. What an absolute tragedy she should be taken away. She was a bold and inspiring woman – one who had drive and enthusiasm to put others to shame – my breath was taken away when I heard the news. All of us who worked with Sarah, whether for a day, a week, a year or more will forever remember her smile and passion. Lx

  47. Laura Phillips Says:

    I worked with Sarah at Crisis, the national charity in the UK dedicated to helping homeless people tranform their lives.

    Sarah was an absolute shining gem the whole time that she was here. She shone amongst everyone she met. Her determination to change things for the better to make lasting change to people’s lives inspired all those that had the good fortune to know her and work alongside her.

    In the year that we worked together, she made a lasting impact on my life and the lives of many of my colleagues and clients alike.

    Sarah lived every day as though things could be changed for the better. And if there was anyone who personifired the motto “Carpe Diem!”.. then it was and always shall be Sarah.

    Her example and inspiration shall stay wih me my life time long.

  48. Patrick Meagher Says:

    I knew Sarah from her time in Vancouver. Along with five other people at UBC (Univeristy of British Columbia) we shared a five bedroom house just off campus (the kind that only students would ever even consider living in). Add to that six british backpackers crammed into a two bedroom apartment downstairs and we had 13 people in a house for one summer. We lovingly dubbed it “The Big House”. There were lots of big personalites that all seemed to blend beautifully. Needless to say, Sarah fit in perfectly. Her constant energy, ready laugh and occassional frustration with 14 year old boys in 22 year-old bodies always brought a smile. I still remember my good friend Andy and I giving her a big hug after coming back from a mud-bog mountain-bike ride through the UBC forests. We were absolutley coasted from head to toe but after one bear hug she ended up muddier than either of us. Anyone who knows Sarah though will know that we didn’t get away with that. Just when Andy and I thought we had safely sent Sarah running she re-emerged with a garden hose and treated Andy and I to an ice-water shower! We never could get one up on her for long. It is safe to say that we all had a blast that summer. We all took turns razzing each other, throwing parties, identifying the mystery meat smells that sometimes emerged from the fridge, and simply enjoying the vibrancy of a home filled with people on their way to bigger and brighter futures.

    Of all those futures it was Sarah’s that seemed to shine the brightest. within no time it seemed she was off studying in Europe and working at changing the world one life at a time while most of the rest of us in that house were struggling to start our careers and become semi-contributing members of society.

    When I heard the news about Sarah I was stunned. Someone with so much energy, spark and love for life is not supposed to leave us so soon. They are the immortal ones. When I think of Sarah, especially after having read everyone’s comments, I cannot help but think that she is immortal. Jackie Robinson said is best: ” A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” What an impact Sarah has had! I am truly blessed to have been able to count myself amongst her friends.

    Much love to you Sarah from all of us at “The Big House”.


  49. Aleks Says:

    I met Sarah at Andersen Consulting a few years back and although we’ve since changed jobs and places to live, we kept in touch via email or the occasional lunch in London. As a manager and colleague, she had exceptional energy and commitment. More importantly, she was never afraid to express her true persona: she was certainly shrewd in her analysis but also highly irreverent and had an amazing dry sense of humour. It was enough to meet Sarah once to be struck by her aura and how naturally beautiful she was. And a few minutes in her company were enough to realise she would excel in anything she sets her mind to do.
    As a woman, an entrepreneur and a friend, she will always be an inspiration. Her light shines on.

  50. Judy Riege (Elliott) Says:

    Sarah – you just need to know that I have been missing you and thinking about you since Cathy called to let me know that you had been hurt in a biking accident. I even went to church (believe me – it had been a while) to pray for your recovery. I am so saddened by the void that exists here on earth with your untimely death. I’ve read and agree with all of the comments on this site in tribute to you. You are one in a million and you do make such an impact on those who have had the privilege to know you and call you friend. I can’t help but remember so many hilarious things from our youth – from the halls of Elboya to those of Western Canada High. I also cherish the time and support you gave me when I moved to Vancouver – I am sorry for us both that we drifted apart and disconnected from each other. I am so thankful for the updates I got regularly on “what’s new with Sarah” from our Calgary buddies (Tash & Cathy) – you accomplished so much, lived life loudly and beautifully and by your own design – something I admire. You are an inspiration to many, a friend to all and a joy and privilege to have called “my friend”. Funny…I always imagined that you and I would share a drink and a toast in our 40th year (or there abouts), a laugh and a cry (of course with a few smattering of your wit and sarcasm at my expense) and a reconnection later in life when it wasn’t so important to be right and to be first but to BE – and that is clearly what you had mastered – the ability to BE wondering, lovable, amazing you. I will miss you and cherish your memory always.

    Judy Riege (nee Elliott) – Calgary

  51. Janine Nicholls Says:

    I met Sarah at INSEAD in 1997. Our lives have intertwined frequently but sparingly since. So many beautiful things have been written on this site. Two months on and I’m still in shock. Realising how precious and how delicate life is. I used to include Sarah on my round robin e-mails of 5k / 10k / half marathon running events. She used to laugh at them. So I hope that the irony of my running the New York marathon in her memory can bring a smile to those of you that will still be feeling her loss. It won’t be easy. 41 yrs old, unfit, overweight, 2 children and a full time job. But determined and inspired and privileged to be able to contribute something to help keep Sarah’s spirit alive.

    Janine Nicholls – London

  52. belle Says:

    Just wanted to report back on the fundrasier Yoga Day in July in memory of Sarah – we raised just over £300 through yoga students attending,- including Hetal and Geraldine who were both on the yogabelle hols in the Gambia at Christmas alsongside Sarah – and also donations.

    Below, is ‘thank you’ messsage I recieved from the inspirational Anita Smith MBE who set up

    ” Thank you so much for your continued support of Bansang Hospital Appeal and the latest very generous gift aided donation of £302.10. Please offer my warmest thanks to everyone who took part in your fundraiser workshop and helped to raise such a wonnderful amount in memory of Sarah. Such a sad reason for having a fundraising event but hopefully we can honour Sarah’s memory by using the money to help save the lives of some very sick patients at Bansang hospital.

    I think the very best use for your gift would be to target the ever under pressure drug stocks at the hospital. A long-term illness that is not receiving the correct treatment has a massive consequence on the day-to-day family budget leading to a spiral effect downwards on their already hard pressd resources. This becomes even more acute if the sick person happens to be the “breadwinner” in the family !

    Your generous donation will be used in a way that best benefit the hospital, the patients and the community. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have provided.”

    sending love and light to all frends and family of Sarah.

    belle x


    An inspiration to all of us. Keep in mind that all that energy and good deeds remains among us, epecially for a beautiful person like Sarah Dodds was and still is. Please continue her efforts and noble cause, it’s definitely worth it, so we can make this world a better place for all…

    Andres. Houston, TX (Syracuse, NY & Canada before)

  54. serene Says:

    still in shock. still thinking of you. dreamt of you a few weeks ago. sending you lots of love and peace to wherever your spirit is .. knowing you, you will send it right back to us on this side .. to those of us who need a hug today.

    doddser, there isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of you. i am just glad that we (those of us at insead) were lucky enough to have met you and enjoyed you. if you only knew the odd synchronicities that have taken place …

    just to let you know that you are still alive and well in our hearts and souls …

    much love,


  55. Cath Essex Says:

    I have only just heard the terrible news – I am completely saddened and shocked. I met Sarah through a mutual friend in 1999 and we travelled in a group together to climb Mount Kilimangaro in Africa. Sarah was a lovely lady – so smart, witty and strong – she was fantastic – I thoroughly enjoyed her company on that long slog up the mountain!
    Although we have not been in contact for a few years now I would often think of her as my bus to work passes near her flat.
    Rest in peace Sarah…you will most certainly never be forgotten.
    Much love

  56. Janine Nicholls Says:

    Well folks – New York marathon 2008 – done! When the going got tough (and believe me it did!), Sarah’s legendary determination and persevering smile were hugely motivational. To all those of you that may have sponsored me – THANK YOU. I had no doubt (at the beginning of the race) that I would run to the finish line. Slowly. In total, I raised £12,500 for Sarah’s enterprise fund. & I am so very proud to have done so. I just wish the circumstances weren’t so tragic.

  57. Meilan Robson Says:

    I stumbled across this tribute for Sarah. I’m totally shocked. I was at UBC at the same time with Sarah, we both worked on contract there in the early 1990’s (I think). Sarah was a bubbly, energetic woman drinking in the world. She was about to go off the France to do her MBA. We had lots of lunches off campus, bombing around in her jeep. We had lots of discussions about the future about the boys who always wanted to have a date with Sarah. I’m only saddened that we didn’t stay in touch.

    I’ve come full circle and was wanting to find out what Sarah was up to and found this blog instead. It seems that Sarah lived her life exactly how she wanted to live it. Peace to you Sarah and to your family.

  58. Harry Singha Says:

    Hey Sarah
    Thank you for touching my life
    I take the most amazing meaning and message from our time together
    – Social Enterprise is the Way –
    I valued your honesty and humour!

    May your spirit continue to inspire so many and make such a difference
    Love always

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