This page has been set up to allow Sarah’s many many friends, loved ones, and colleagues to post tributes to her life, her work, and her inimitable spirit. If you’d like to post but don’t have log in information, please email jessicashortall <at> gmail <dot> com.

A bit about the accident:

On the afternoon of Friday 30 May Sarah was on a cycling holiday with friends in Normandy, France. She came off her bike on a sharp, muddy, corner. A local resident confirmed later that week with other holiday party members that five people they knew from the area had all come off on that corner in the last year. There were no cars or other vehicles or cyclists involved.

Sarah was unconscious from the moment she landed on the road. As is the case with serious head injuries the hospital kept her unconscious from then on to reduce the risk of brain swelling and consequent damage. I understand that this past Friday Sarah’s heart failed and she passed away that afternoon or evening.

Sarah’s friend Clare, who was on the holiday, reports that they were having a wonderful time together. They had visited a local cathedral that morning and stopped for what sounded like a classically excellent French lunch.

The photo here is a little blurred but Sarah is in the heart of the group and pulling one of her trademark physical expressions – chin thoughtfully in hand… During the ride after lunch and before the accident they were all in great spirits, laughing and joking together and appreciating what, until that point, sounded like an absolutely fantastic holiday.

There will be a memorial for Sarah in London on Saturday 14 June, 2 pm at St John’s Church in Ladbroke Grove.


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