Official obituaries and tributes

From the Calgary Herald

Written by Sarah’s friend Tasha Komery

Beloved daughter of Brian and Gill (deceased) and sister of Adrian and Rachel, Sarah Dodds passed away at the age of 37 on June 6, 2008, in France, after a cycling accident.
Always living life to the fullest and making friends wherever she went, Sarah was someone we all gravitated towards and admired. Anyone who was touched by her felt gratitude for the experience of her friendship and inspiration from her love of life. Sarah loved to travel, challenge herself, meet new people and make a difference wherever she could. She excelled at everything and accomplished more in her short life than many of us could hope to in a long one. She traveled extensively, spoke five languages, designed and made her own jewellery, was an experienced yoga practitioner and had a successful career making a difference in peoples lives. It is hard to believe that a life so full of vitality, compassion, strength and staggering potential could be extinguished so suddenly and prematurely. Sarah will be greatly missed.
Although Sarah has been living overseas and hasn’t lived in Calgary for many years, she still maintained many close friendships here with people she had known since Junior High at Elboya and High School at Western Canada.
A memorial service will be held in London, England on Saturday, June 14th. For those who are unable to attend, an informal memorial will be held upstairs at the Rose and Crown, on Thursday, June 19th, from 7 – 9 pm. There will be a book there for you to write in and if you would like to bring a favorite photo of Sarah, the family will be gathering these to put into a memory book. Please do not bring flowers. The family asks, instead, that you make a donation to the fund or scholarship that is being set up in her name (details will be provided at the gathering).
“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” – Eskimo proverb

From the Vancouver Sun

On June 6, 2008 we lost a remarkable woman – Sarah Dodds – beloved daughter of Brian and Gill (deceased) and sister of Adrian and Rachel. She passed away at the age of 37 in France after a cycling accident.
It is unbelievable that a life so full of vitality, compassion, strength and staggering potential could be extinguished so suddenly and prematurely. Sarah loved to travel, challenge herself and meet new people so perhaps we can take comfort that she left us on a high, doing what she loved, relishing the pleasure of a biking tour with friends.
History books speak of Renaissance men but Sarah was an extraordinary Renaissance woman of our times: she had a sharp wit and intellect and continuously sought opportunities to learn; she was wonderful company to anyone in any situation, spoke over 5 languages, read voraciously and cooked exceptionally well; Sarah was an excellent potter, silversmith, and yoga practitioner and knew more about optimizing health than many doctors; she travelled extensively and was equally at ease by herself at her cabin in BC as she was rubbing shoulders with crowds at Ascot.
Yet in spite of her achievements Sarah remained humble, always believing there was more she could do. This passion was infectious and helped her rally support from those around her to the benefit of many good causes she supported professionally and personally.
We will dearly miss Sarah’s tireless energy, curiosity, generosity, commitment, sense of humour and adventurous spirit. There is no doubt she would know exactly what to say to inspire us and lift our spirits if faced with the same sadness we all feel at her tragic loss. A memorial service is being held Saturday June 14th, 2pm, St John’s Church, Notting Hill, London.
Published in the Vancouver Sun 6/14/2008.

From Womankind Worldwide

A life well-lived

Sarah Dodds joined WOMANKIND Worldwide’s Board of Trustees in early 2007 and became our Vice Chair in April 2008.

Tragically, Sarah died as a result of a cycling accident while holidaying with friends in France.

All of us at WOMANKIND are shocked and saddened at the sudden loss of a friend and colleague. We will miss Sarah’s energy, vitality, good humour and wisdom. She brought passion, energy, commitment, and insight to WOMANKIND, benefiting her fellow trustees, staff, volunteers and the women we work with throughout the world. We will all feel her loss very much.

13 June 2008

From the Calgary Herald

Inspirational Calgarian had ‘passion for life’; Bicycle crash claims social crusader
Calgary Herald Saturday, June 14, 2008 Page: A11 Section: News Byline: Gwendolyn Richards Source: Calgary Herald

A woman who lived in a chicken coop while volunteering in Pakistan, but also felt comfortable rubbing elbows with European royalty at banquets in Versailles, is being mourned by friends around the world after a cycling accident claimed her life. Sarah Dodds died June 6 – several days after the former Calgarian crashed while on a cycling trip in northern France. On a website created in her memory, friends and former colleagues have posted memories of the 37-year-old, described by many as being full of energy and life, as well as a champion of social and environmental causes. A potter who also made her own jewelry, a yoga practitioner, a woman who spoke three languages and held an MBA from an international school in France, Dodds was also known for her sense of humour and generous spirit, said friend Tasha Komery. Komery first met Dodds when they both went to Elboya Junior High and the friendship continued through high school and beyond, even after Dodds moved away for university and a career overseas. Dodds had a passion for travel, but always kept in touch with friends back home. “I didn’t always know where she was, but I’d always receive some random postcard from Africa, Pakistan, India, somewhere,” Komery said.

In Pakistan, where Dodds volunteered to help in the community, she lived in a square room with a dirt floor and small cut-out windows that had previously been a chicken coop, said Komery. “It sounded so romantic, yet I know it was tough. But Sarah would never complain. She only wanted to help however she could.”

In London, Dodds had been working in the field of social entrepreneurship – an area that takes business approaches to help social and environmental causes. Friend Ben Metz said it was a good fit for Dodds, who had received an MBA from Insead – a business school located near Paris – but who was very committed to social development. She could “supercharge” people she worked with using her inspiration and expertise, Metz said. “Again and again, she’d put the person she was working with or the friend she had way, way in front of what she was doing,” he said. The last time Metz saw Dodds, they were supposed to go for a quiet dinner and a movie. They ended up staying out until the wee hours of the morning, dancing at a salsa bar – a bumbling pair amongst all the expert dancers. “At the end of the day, the thing she had was just a screamingly large passion for life that came out in everything,” Metz said.

Friends of Dodds plan to meet Thursday night between 7 and 9 p.m. at the Rose and Crown in her memory.


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